To all with a DREAM

The days of life not making sense, will soon enter clarity

The time when all steps forward only met you with walls

is crumbling and preparing to fall.

We are born with an innate desire to live and be the heroes and witnesses, actors and watchers of creation unfolding

The morning dark will turn to cream, for the swirling mix stream of  justice will soon erode your state.

You just wait, but don’t wait alone, and don’t pick up stones, for little by little, that change will come

I cry with you for we are all victims of the inside game, keeping us locked and tame

But no more no more no more, our veins cant contain

The vision instilled by the spirit that sees us all the same.

We are conquerors in chains of destinies in vain, but our voice will not cry, but eloquently unravel the nets, and melt the steel chains, as we leap to new heights.

Our lives are made  of stars, uneclipsed by mortal trappings, for nothing can stop the beating heart of desire, your light will shine, wait and see; your DREAM will come to pass, you act and see;  your destiny will manifest, you live and see.




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