On Sept 23: a DREAM Awakened

The Dream Awakened

Stretch your arms and rise
Plant your feet and yell
Today is the day
we all sound the bell
No More Hesitation
No More confusion
For the sound is inviting
For we passed the solution

The Night is eclipsed
with bright highlighters
The fear is smashed by
our textbooks and binders
On Your Mark get set go
Run down the Halls
Grab your pencils and pens
And push down the walls

The yelling is muted by visions of truth
We are united as students
Demanding our Booth
One in the same
No numbers divide us,
As we work for the grade
and lay claim to this BUS.

The DREAM is here
Act one has passed,
Lets lift up this country
and never look back.
For we are the present
with the future in sight,
equality and knowledge
is our only fight!


Lets make History


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