A Reflection on Self-Care

Its often that people who choose to dedicate their lives in order to help others or fight for some just cause often ignore their own reflection as they deteriorate due to lack of self-care. I for one am in that bunch, ignoring what I eat, biting my nails, or forgetting to do basic check ups. Although in the self, such acts in the name of justice, service, or helping one’s fellow person are justified as honorable or selfless. There is a counter argument.

Other say, “We do no well to others if we are not able to do well for ourselves.” Those of use tho hear the aforementioned tend to sneer at such colorful statements; viewing them as selfishness disguised in loves clothing, or worse, we take steps to act upon this revelation, and in turn are made sick with guilt or abandon this new routine for the easier pleasure of seeing others happy.

Could it be that we never really learned how to take care of ourselves, or had loved ones who offered an example, and as the years pass by this basic fundamental skill was pushed aside and replaced with an external satisfaction of seeing others cared for?

I think back on my own life, and see that I never really had examples of self-care , and those that attempted like my step-father, to teach me self-care were trumped by all the other examples who challenged that discipline with their “free spirit” or self-abandonment in the name of loving their children.

So today I take a stand. That I will commit to care for myself as much or even more then I care for others. That I will bring healthy foods that nourish me to my body. That I will sit, breathe, pray and meditate more so that I can sharpen my sword and polish my shield for many battles lie ahead, and above all that I can trust in my friends and family and seek help if I need it, for in the end its in the reciprocity of giving and receiving that life truly flourishes



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